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Articles about Samfunns­kunnskaps­­prøven

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Preikestolen, a steep cliff in western Norway

The Test in Social Studies has a new syllabus

In 2021, there was a new curriculum for the Test in Social Studies. Check what the changes are, and see how you can practice for the Test in Social Studies.

Norwegian girl looking at the fjords and mountains, holding a Norwegian flag

Difference between the Citizenship Test and Test in Social Studies

Getting to a new country is not easy. You have to get to know a language, a culture, a history and not least the people. One must find security financially, socially, and culturally. An important gateway for many is the Citizenship Test and the Social Studies Test. But what is the difference, and what sample should you have?

Scenery from the western part of Norway

How to practice for the Test in Social Studies

To pass the Test in Social Studies (Samfunnskunnskapsprøven), there is one thing that is more important than anything else: You must have knowledge. In addition, you must be able to read and understand questions and answer options. Here are our tips on how to work to pass the important test.