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How to practice for the Test in Social Studies

To pass the Test in Social Studies (Samfunnskunnskapsprøven), there is one thing that is more important than anything else: You must have knowledge. In addition, you must be able to read and understand questions and answer options. Here are our tips on how to work to pass the important test.

Scenery from the western part of Norway

Both the Citizenship Test and the Test in Social Studies are important tests for those who are to have Norwegian citizenship.

Passing the Social Knowledge Test opens many doors into Norwegian society. At norskkunnskap.no you can [S|30|practice questions and answers], and learn what you need to pass the test.

How to practice

Everyone learns differently. However, not all learning methods lead to the same type of knowledge. Some ways of learning things make you remember them for a short time. Other ways of learning allow you to remember things for a long time, and even teach them to others. You can use these tips if you are working towards the Social Knowledge Test or if you are working towards the Citizenship Test.

1. Ikke la deg forstyrre

When practicing, it is best if no one calls or the children run around. 10 minutes of exercise in peace and quiet can be much more effective than 30 minutes of exercise with interruptions and disturbances.

2. Use a note sheet

Write down useful words, concepts, and contexts on a piece of paper as you practice. When you have finished practicing, read through the notes, summarize and make a small summary. Later in the evening, you read through the summary. Then you help the brain to store knowledge in the right place.

3. Ask for help when you have any questions

Contact us by chat or email when something is unclear. We are ready to help!

4. Use what you learn

Being able to use what you learn is a sign that you have learned it really well. Talk to those around you and tell them what you have learned. Maybe they also learn something new?