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Samfunns­kunnskaps­­prøvenexample #5

Illustration and explanation example 5 on Samfunnskunnskapsprøven

Can you choose where you want to buy the medicines you have a prescription for?

  • No, you can only shop at the pharmacy where you are registered
  • Yes, you can freely choose a pharmacy
  • No, you can only shop at the pharmacy the GP has decided


You can buy medicines at the pharmacy. You can get some medicines cheaper if you have been diagnosed with a disease (blue prescription). Some medicines you can buy freely, while others you must have a prescription (message) from the doctor that you can buy.

The pharmacies are not state-owned, and there are many different pharmacy chains. You can decide which pharmacy you want to shop at.

Most pharmacies also sell make-up, sunscreen and can do simple tests such as blood pressure measurements and flu shot.