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We help you pass the Norwegian Language Test A1 - B2

Now it is soon time for the Norwegian Language Test again. We have helped many people on the way to pass the test, and now we have renewed our tasks.

A happy man passing his Norwgian Language Test

In the Norwegian test, you get different questions. In the questions, you must both listen and read to arrive at the correct answer.

For many years, we have helped people practice for the [S|53|Norwegian Language Test]. In this way, many have learned Norwegian, and many have passed. Among other things, we have 1600 assignments where someone reads a text for you, and then you must choose the correct answer alternative.

This means that you can practice to the Norwegian test level [S|53|A1-B2] and [S|51|Bergenstesten] both on the phone and on the PC, both when you have plenty of time and when you only have a few minutes left. Listening to Norwegian is an important way to learn Norwegian.

If you want to become really good at Norwegian, it is important to write Norwegian as well. You can do this to us, in the chat, or by email. We are very happy to receive questions and comments! And we take our time, so you get to practice properly.