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What is the syllabus for the Citizenship Test?

At the Citizenship Test, you must show that you know Norway and Norwegian conditions: Culture, geography, society, public services, etc. What do you need to know, and what do you not need to know?

Frustrated girl practicing for the Citizenship test

When you take the Citizenship Test, there is one thing in particular that is important: Be well prepared. There is no point in asking lots of questions if you do not understand the knowledge behind each question. But, what knowledge is it really about?

The official syllabus is on samfunnskunnskap.no. It is available in several different languages. When using the website, it is important that you are aware of the information under "To the teacher". There is additional information that is important to know.

People are different, and the way we like to learn is different. At [S|29|norskkunnskap.no] you can learn the syllabus for the Citizenship Test by solving problems, looking at pictures, and reading explanations. The questions are based on the syllabus as well as feedback from those who have taken the test before.

Good luck practicing!