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Unions Norway has been in

Norway has participated in several unions. These are the syllabus for the Citizenship Test and the Social Studies Test. Read about the different unions here.

1397 was an important year for Norway

When you take the [S|29|Citizenship Test] or the [S|30|Test in Social Studies], you must have knowledge of, among other things, Norway's history. Norway is a small country, and although we are good friends with both Denmark and Sweden, it has not always been so easy to be neighbors.

These are the unions

The Kalmar Union

The union between Norway, Denmark, and Sweden was concluded in 1397 and dissolved in 1523. The union was called the Kalmar Union. One of the important reasons for the union was that the countries should stand together against common enemies. In the 16th century, the threat from other countries diminished, and the union was eventually dissolved.

Union with Sweden

Norway has been in several unions with Sweden. This means, among other things, that we had a common king. The last union between Norway and Sweden was from 1814 to 1905. Many were dissatisfied with the union, partly because the king lived in Sweden. Then it became more difficult for Norwegians to come up with their opinions. When the union was dissolved, Norway became King Haakon VII.