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So many mistakes you can have on the Citizenship Test

At the Citizenship Test, you must answer 24 questions correctly. But, how many questions are there in total? There are usually 36 tasks in total, but only 32 of them give points. Why is it like that?

Two students preparing for the Citizenship test gets help from their teacher

The Citizenship test consists of questions with 3 answer alternatives. That way, you will show what knowledge you have. You do this by choosing the correct answer option.

In total, there are 32 questions that give points. If you have answered 24 questions correctly, it will be 75% correct. The vast majority who practice with us are somewhere around 90 - 95% correct before they take the Citizenship Test. That's probably why most people pass on the first try!

Even though there are 32 questions that give points, you get 4 extra questions on the test. Those are new questions that can give points on later tests when they have been thoroughly tested.

The correct answer is thus 75% correct, but then you only barely pass!

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