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Free example of the Norwegian Citizenship Test

Here you can try a free example of the Norwegian Citizenship Test and see how many points you get!

A Norwegian vimple waving over a city

Many people who contact us wonder if they can pass the Norwegian Citizenship Test. We usually ask whether they have taken our free test, which you can find further down this page.

Answer all 32 questions and see if you get as many points as needed to pass the test.

The most challenging questions are always the ones you don't know. That is why we have spoken to hundreds of those who have taken the National Citizenship Test, and asked what they think has been the most difficult. The answers we have received are crucial in creating the best tasks for the National Citizenship Test.

Here you get a free example

When you take this test, you may encounter words and concepts you have not heard before. Then you can use Google, Wikipedia, or ask someone you know. You can't do that when you take the actual test.

Good luck!


Many believe that Norwegians have become more secularised. What does that mean?

  • That more Norwegians now than before do not belong to a religion
  • That religion controls how the laws should look
  • That one can be punished for breaking religious laws

In Norway, many Norwegians feel that religion means less than before - that society is becoming secularised. You don't quite know why it happens. One reason may be that many Norwegians feel they have a good life even if they do not believe in a god.


What is the best way to learn Norwegian?

  • Have conversations with others throughout the day
  • Read newspapers
  • Watch TV

All of these options are good ways to learn Norwegian, but the most important thing is that you use the language actively in everyday life so that you both speak and hear Norwegian.


Which industry pays the most money in taxes to the public sector?

  • The tourist industry
  • The oil and gas industry
  • The agricultural industry

The state gets most of its income from taxes and fees. This money goes to nurseries, schools, hospitals, roads, the police, and other welfare benefits. The industry in Norway that pays the most tax is the oil and gas industry.


What is true about members of faith and belief communities?

  • There are more Buddhists than Muslims in Norway
  • There are more Buddhists than Christians in Norway
  • There are fewer Muslims than Christians in Norway

About 70% of the population is a member of the Church of Norway. There are about 3.6 million people.


The municipalities have the right to self-determination in some matters. What does that mean?

  • That they do not have to ask the State for permission to carry out measures
  • That the people decide who will lead
  • That they can decide something other than what the State has decided

The right to self-determination means that there are some things in the county councils and municipalities that the state does not decide. The state decides a lot through the government and the Storting, but some things are decided by the county councils and the municipalities themselves.


Approximately how many children attend kindergarten?

  • About 90%
  • About 50%
  • About 30%

About 9 out of 10 children of kindergarten age go to kindergarten.


Who pays if you are admitted to a public hospital?

  • The state
  • You pay half
  • The employer must pay half

The state pays for the healthcare you receive in public hospitals if you are admitted.


What is meant by "småskolen"?

  • Fourth to sixth grade
  • First to fourth grade
  • Seventh to tenth grade

Småskolen are the grades from 1 to 4.


The assignment is about childbirth. How many children are born in Norway each year?

  • About 130,000
  • About 60,000
  • About 100,000

Each year approximately 60,000 children are born in Norway. Most are born in hospitals, but the woman can also decide to give birth at home if the birth is expected to be normal. After the birth, the doctor, midwife, or mother is responsible for reporting the birth to Folkeregisteret.


How many times has Norway hosted the Summer Olympics?

  • Never
  • Once
  • Three times

Norway is known as a winter sports nation and often does well in winter exercises. Norway has never hosted the Summer Olympics.


When did women get universal voting rights in Norway?

  • 1913
  • 1814
  • 1905

In the old days, only men had the right to vote. Not all men - only those who paid enough tax. The state was supposed to distribute the tax money for welfare for everyone, so it was probably thought that it was fairest that those who paid tax could decide how it should be used.


Approximately how many working people do not work in the public sector?

  • About 13%
  • About 90%
  • About 70%

Approximately 750,000 people work in the public sector. This is about 30% of all working people in Norway. This means that 70% do not work in the public sector.


Which public body is responsible for primary schools?

  • The municipality ("kommunen")
  • The county municipality ("fylket")
  • The state

The county municipality is responsible for upper secondary schools, while the municipality is responsible for kindergartens, primary schools, care for the elderly, waste disposal, water, and sewage.


Which of these countries does Norway not border?

  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • Finland

Norway has land borders with Finland, Russia, and Sweden. In the sea, Norway borders Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Great Britain.


Norway has a separation of powers principle. Who is the legislative authority?

  • Sametinget
  • Stortinget
  • Statstinget

In Norway, we follow the principle of separation of powers. This means that the Storting makes the laws, the government implements them, while the courts judge according to them. This ensures that no one abuses the power to make a law and judge according to it on their own.


How often do Norwegians brush their teeth?

  • Only every morning
  • Twice daily
  • Only every evening

Norwegians are concerned with dental hygiene. Toothache is painful, and it is unpleasant for others that you have bad breath. That is why most Norwegians brush their teeth both in the morning and in the evening.


What is the most common heating source in Norwegian homes?

  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Electricity

Norway has many high mountains that collect a lot of water. Therefore, electricity made from hydropower is cheap. Most homes in Norway are heated with electricity. Norway also sells a lot of electricity to other countries.


How big (in square kilometers) is Norway, including Svalbard and Jan Mayen?

  • About 540,500
  • About 85,000
  • About 385,000

Norway, the islands, Svalbard and Jan Mayen are about 385,000 square kilometers.


What is meant by coalition government?

  • A government in which several parties participate
  • A government that has a minority in the Storting
  • A government that has a majority in the Storting

If one party alone does not have a majority, it can apply together with other parties to form a government. This is called a coalition government.


How many people live in a household on average?

  • A little over two people
  • Five people
  • Just under six people

A household is a group of people who live together and have mostly shared finances. In a household today, there are, on average, just over 2 people.


What is true about Norway?

  • On the map, Norway looks like a large circle
  • Norway points from east to west
  • Norway points from south to north

Norway is long and narrow on the map, with the longitudinal axis running from south to north - or vice versa.


Which public service is responsible for sick pay if you are sick for a long time?

  • The police
  • NAV
  • Folkeregisteret

When you are on sick leave, the employer must pay sick pay for the first 16 days. This is called the employer's period. After 16 days, the employer can pay you sick pay and get it reimbursed from NAV, or you can get paid from NAV directly.


Where do you get if you call 116 117?

  • Ambulance
  • Fire department
  • Emergency room

116 117 is the number for the nearest emergency room. If it is urgent, you can call AMK on 113.


You are in full-time work and are about to have children. Which statement is correct?

  • You are entitled to paid leave
  • You must take unpaid leave
  • You must apply to the workplace for holiday pay

When you have a child, you are entitled to pay when you are at home with the child. It is called parental allowance. If you are not in permanent employment, you may be entitled to a lump sum.


What is true about hiking in the mountains?

  • It is often hot in the mountains
  • You don't need a map, because there are usually good paths
  • It requires good planning and experience

It is fantastic to go for a walk in the Norwegian mountain home. But it requires good planning and the right equipment. The weather can change quickly!


What is the after-school program/activity school?

  • An offer to families for childcare before and after school
  • An educational offer for all students from 8th to 10th grade
  • A subject in upper secondary school

The activity school, AKS or SFO, is an offer for children who start school late or finish early. There are activities, homework help, and food so they don't have to be at home alone while their parents are at work.


Which direction within Christianity do most Norwegians belong to?

  • Protestantism
  • Orthodox Christianity
  • Catholicism

About 3.6 million of the population in Norway are Christians. The vast majority belong to the Protestant direction. Many are Catholic.


Your 11-year-old daughter wants to join a religious community. Which statement is correct?

  • She can do this herself
  • She can't do this herself
  • I don't need to pay attention to what she means

Different age limits apply to children and to registering in religious and life-view societies: Until the child reaches the age of 15, the parents decide where the child will be a member. When the child has reached the age of 15, it is the child himself who signs in or out. In addition, parents should always listen to what the child has to say. This applies regardless of how old the child is. When the child reaches age 12, the parents must attach great importance to the child's opinion.


What information should not be included in a CV?

  • An overview of previous employers
  • Your grades from high school
  • An overview of your education

A CV is a simple overview of schools you have attended, places you have worked and other skills such as computer courses, forklift driver's license and driver's licence.


How many of Norway's population are immigrants or have parents who are both from abroad?

  • About 17%
  • About 7%
  • About 9%

About 5.3 million people live in Norway. About 11% have foreign citizenship. About 17% are immigrants or Norwegian-born with two immigrant parents.


Where were the 1994 Winter Olympics held?

  • Tønsberg
  • Lillehammer
  • Oslo

The Winter Olympics have been held in Norway twice: In 1952 the Games were held in Oslo, and in 1994 the games were held in Lillehammer.

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