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Complete syllabus for the Citizenship Test

Are you wondering what you should be able to do for the Citizenship Test? Do you want a place where you can look up everything you are wondering about, which is important for the test? Then you should take a look here because now the syllabus has finally arrived!

The online ebook with the complete Citizenship test syllabus

When you take the Citizenship Test, you must be well prepared on many different topics. You must have knowledge of Norwegian history, Norwegian culture, and Norwegian society. You should know how Norway is governed and a little about our neighboring countries.

When you are new to Norway, it is difficult to find all the information. Some are on the websites of the police, while other things are on the websites of the Norwegian Directorate of Education. Some things may not be on the internet at all. Until now - because now we have published a comprehensive syllabus for the Citizenship Test!

Here is the syllabus

We have made the syllabus for the Citizenship Test an online textbook. There you will find everything you need to know about the Citizenship Test. Eventually, we hope to expand with even more videos, photos, and illustrations.

You can find the syllabus here: Syllabus for the Citizenship Test.

When reading the syllabus, keep in mind that a lot of knowledge lies between the lines. This means that you must understand what you are reading, ask for help if you have any questions, and work on our assignments alongside. And then we are always available on chat and email; just get in touch and we will help you further. Our goal is for you to learn, for you to gain new knowledge and solid competence.

Click here to open the syllabus.