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Articles about Norwegian Citizenship Test

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A Norwegian vimple waving over a city

Free example of the Norwegian Citizenship Test

Here you can try a free example of the Norwegian Citizenship Test and see how many points you get!

A student and a teacher discuss the requirement for Norwegian Citizenship

All you need to know about the Norwegian Citizenship Test

The citizenship test is an important test that you must take to obtain Norwegian citizenship. Here is the overview of everything you need to know before this important test!

The online ebook with the complete Citizenship test syllabus

Complete syllabus for the Citizenship Test

Are you wondering what you should be able to do for the Citizenship Test? Do you want a place where you can look up everything you are wondering about, which is important for the test? Then you should take a look here because now the syllabus has finally arrived!

The podcast used Norskkunnskap.no to test their Norwegian skills

A huge NRK podcast features Norskkunnskap.no!

The guys in the podcast "Med All Respekt" are really put to the test with Norskkunnskap.no's Citizenship test. Listen to the episode to find out how it went!

1397 was an important year for Norway

Unions Norway has been in

Norway has participated in several unions. These are the syllabus for the Citizenship Test and the Social Studies Test. Read about the different unions here.

Frustrated girl practicing for the Citizenship test

What is the syllabus for the Citizenship Test?

At the Citizenship Test, you must show that you know Norway and Norwegian conditions: Culture, geography, society, public services, etc. What do you need to know, and what do you not need to know?

Two students preparing for the Citizenship test gets help from their teacher

So many mistakes you can have on the Citizenship Test

At the Citizenship Test, you must answer 24 questions correctly. But, how many questions are there in total? There are usually 36 tasks in total, but only 32 of them give points. Why is it like that?

Practicing with friends is a good way to prepare for the Citizenship test

How to pass the Citizenship Test

You will soon have the Citizenship Test. What are common mistakes? How are you going to pass? Here are our top tips - including a bonus tip!