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Start practicing the Norwegian Citizenship Test today

Everything you need to pass the Citizenship Test. You practice with tasks that are similar to the Citizenship Test. Free demo. In the test, you will answer various questions about, among other things, Norwegian culture, geography, politics, health system, and history. Learn the syllabus with us.

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  • 2500 exam-like questions
  • Bokmål and nynorsk
  • Live chat and email with the teacher
  • Exam Simulator
  • Online ebook syllabus
  • Free Access: Learn basic Norwegian


  • 2500 exam-like questions
  • Bokmål and nynorsk
  • Live chat and email with the teacher
  • Exam Simulator
  • Online ebook syllabus
  • Free Access: Learn basic Norwegian


  • 2500 exam-like questions
  • Bokmål and nynorsk
  • Live chat and email with the teacher
  • Exam Simulator
  • Online ebook syllabus
  • Free Access: Learn basic Norwegian

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Det er stortingsvalg hvert 4. år. Kan utenlandske statsborgere stemme?

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  • Ja, men kun dersom de har fylt 21 år

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Det er valg hvert andre år. Annenhver gang er det valg til Stortinget. Det neste stortingsvalget er i 2025, deretter i 2029. Når det ikke er stortingsvalg, er det valg til fylkesting og kommunestyre. Det kalles ofte lokalvalg. Det neste lokalvalget er i 2023, deretter i 2027.

Du må fylle 18 år i løpet av valgåret for å stemme ved stortingsvalg, fylkestingsvalg og kommunestyrevalg. Utenlandske statsborgere kan stemme ved valget til fylkesstyret og kommunestyret dersom de har vært bosatt i Norge de siste 3 årene før valgdagen. Du kan bli fratatt stemmeretten hvis du for eksempel jobber for fremmede makter som spion.

Test yourself before the Citizenship test!

  • Questions from the Citizens' Examination
  • Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk
  • Live chat with Norwegian teachers along the way
  • Explanations, pictures, and illustrations
  • Follow your progress and see what you need to practice more

Human rights and democracy

21 %

School and education

35 %

This is Norway

39 %

Religion and beliefs

25 %


79 %

This is Norway

63 %

Family and relationships

33 %


25 %


If you find Norwegian history, politics, or family life difficult, then there is no reason to practice everything else as well. That is why we have divided our tasks into categories. If you want just to practice Norwegian geography, you can do that. Or you can practice all the exercises at the same time.

It is up to you!

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18BeståttFull test80 %33:26
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16BeståttFull test87 %00:18
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14BeståttFull test91 %17:25

Test yourself

Our exam simulator is very popular. It is, of course, always included! There you get the questions just like on the real National Citizenship test. You will find out whether you will pass the citizenship test.

  • 32 questions
  • At least 24 correct answers
  • 60 minutes
  • Find out if you've passed immediately
  • See what you should practice more
  • Follow your progress
  • Unlimited number of samples


Kongehuset er populært i Norge. Kongehuset består av kongen, familien hans og flere eiendommer. Kongen bor på Slottet i Oslo. For 70 år siden, da Norge var i krig med Tyskland, var kongen en viktig inspirasjon for mange nordmenn til å kjempe for Norge. Kongens valgspråk er "Alt for Norge".

Eksempelbilde, Norwegian Citizenship Test

Kongen i Norge heter Harald. Han er den femte kongen Norge har hatt som heter Harald, så han kalles Harald V (som er 5 med romertall). Kongen har ikke noe etternavn. Hvis han må bruke et etternavn, så bruker han Rex. Kongen er gift med dronningen. Hun heter Sonja. Kongen og dronningen har to barn: Kronprins Haakon Magnus og prinsesse Märtha Louise.

E-book with syllabus

You can find the e-book online when you log in. You can read it on a tablet, PC, and phone.

  • A complete syllabus with everything you need to know for the Citizenship Test
  • Read in Norwegian, Bokmål or Nynorsk
  • Pictures and illustrations
  • Available online, so it is always up to date
  • The texts are divided into chapters
  • Only available here at Norskkunnskap.no
Glad lærer i Statsborgerprøven ved sjøen.

Help via chat and email

With us, you can ask questions about anything - we will help you as best we can. The most important thing for us is learning what you need to pass the Norwegian Citizenship Test.

Wondering which test to take? Read about the differences between the Citizenship Test and the Test in Social Studies.

This is what you learn

Working life

Get acquainted with the organization of unions, rights, and duties.

School and education

Norwegian education is divided into different parts, with different rights and obligations. Get to know it through these exercises.

Family and relationships

Norwegian family traditions and family relationships you must know before you take the Social Studies Test.

Religion and beliefs

Freedom of religion is an important pillar in Norwegian society. Learn more about Christianity, Islam, and how to practice religion in Norway.

Health and public services

Here you get insight into how the health care system works, what rights you have, and how it is all financed.

This is Norway

Our Constitution Day, relations with neighboring countries, and important events in our history.


Our Constitution Day, relations with neighboring countries, and important events in our history.

Human rights and democracy

Tasks that deal with the constitution, parliament, and government, the king's role, and our freedom of choice.

Practice the Norwegian Citizenship Test 2023

Norskkunnskap.no has created questions with the help of some of the country's best educators and developers. Several thousand people take the Norwegian Citizenship Test yearly, and many practice here with us.

The questions are like the questions in the test, but you also get thorough explanations and feedback.

You must answer 24 out of a total of 32 questions correctly.

Many of those who take the test give us good feedback on our assignments. This way, we can develop our database and increase your chance of passing.

We have also created some free examples of the Norwegian Citizenship Test. You can find them at the link below.

To become a Norwegian citizen, you must have a good knowledge of Norwegian working life, school and education, family life, religion and outlook on life, health, Norwegian geography, history, human rights, and geography.

We have the complete syllabus as an e-book where you get all the knowledge you need to pass the exam.

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